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The New Testament has a lot to say about the afterlife

June 18, 2021 Comments Off on The New Testament has a lot to say about the afterlife By admin

title The Old Testament is full of references to the afterlife.

Here are five of them.


The resurrection of Christ and the coming of the Messiah is an event that never happened 1:11: The Bible is clear on this.

It says in Matthew 13:15 that “the dead” will return “to life, and all things which have been, shall be restored.”

That’s not an event, but the resurrection of the dead.

In the Old Testament, resurrection was not a major event.

Jesus didn’t die, but he was resurrected and went on to lead a people.

As a result, the death and resurrection of Jesus are both significant events that never occurred.

And while there are references to “the living” returning, they are mostly in reference to the resurrection.

For example, Matthew 23:20-21 says that, “He that hath lived long in the world, shall rise again from the dead.”

Jesus was raised from the tomb, but was not resurrected.

The only time the dead actually came back to life was in Acts 17:6-7, when Judas, a Jewish spy, and several other Jewish leaders were executed.

The Bible has nothing to say on what exactly happened to those who were resurrected.

It does, however, say that “they are not to be numbered.”


God is the Father of the living 3:1-2: “And now behold, the Son of man is in heaven.

And behold, His angels also shall be in heaven: and the third day shall come, when the Son, having put on flesh, shall send forth his angels.”

In the Bible, this verse refers to the “Son of Man,” Jesus Christ.

The word “Son” means “son of man.”

But that doesn’t mean that Jesus was created to be the Son.

The Father of Jesus is God.

He is God the Father.

God the Son is God created in the image of God the father.

That is why God called him Son of God.

And because of that, God created Jesus Christ, who is also God, and is also the Son: “and the third Day shall come when the Lord shall send his angels in flaming fire against all the world.”


God made all the things in heaven and on earth with His own hands 4:16-17: “He made the heaven and the earth, the sea, and every living thing that moveth upon the earth; and all that in the firmament of the heaven above, and under the earth: all things are created by him: and without him was not any thing made that is in the earth.

All things were created through him, and without Him was not man made.”

God created everything in the universe, including the earth and the heavens.

In other words, God made everything out of nothing, not because he wanted to give them to us.

God did not want us to be dependent on him.

God created the universe out of Himself, which is the reason he gave us reason to exist.

It is not because we need him to create something, but because he is able to do so.

God also gave us a body to be with.

When God created our body, He gave it a body that could move.

That’s why he put on it a skin that could breathe.

God doesn’t want us dependent on the body for anything.


God never hurt anyone 5:1: “Behold, God did neither kill the first man, nor did he destroy the first woman; but God did cause both of them to die by his own hand.

And when the woman saw that the man was dead, she fell down at his feet, and worshipped him.

And he said unto her, Behold, I am God; and no flesh can serve me except it serve him who is created in my image.”

God never intentionally harmed anyone.

He never took anyone’s life.

He has mercy on all.

He does not take anyone’s property or have any plans in the future.

And since he has mercy, God will never hurt any one.

And God never gives anything to anyone except what he needs to.

God’s plan is for all to be free.


God has a plan for the whole of creation 6:2-3: “God had a plan, that he might make man in his own image, and for his own good he caused that all things should be created for his image.

Therefore God blessed him, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.”

The Bible says that God “blessed” everyone, but we don’t know what exactly it means.

For instance, God gave Adam a rib for the purpose of giving him a body.

Then He caused that Adam’s body should be transformed into a rib, so that he could reproduce.

But he didn’t take any of the rib’s components and leave them with Adam.

Instead, he made some of the pieces of the body and gave

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