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How to sell your midway truck in Seattle’s Tundra Wholesale Market

July 27, 2021 Comments Off on How to sell your midway truck in Seattle’s Tundra Wholesale Market By admin

“You’re like, ‘I’m not going to be able to sell this for a couple of days,'” he says.

“I’m like, I have to sell it.

I need to sell some truck.”

A few weeks later, he and his wife decided to buy a truck, only to have it taken away from them when a contractor came to pick it up.

“They put the license plate on it, like, you can’t sell this truck in the state of Washington.”

In August, he had to pay $2,200 in fines for a violation of state law that requires trucks to be parked at least 20 feet away from a driveway.

The next month, he got a letter from the state saying the license plates weren’t valid because they were not affixed to the truck, as required by law.

“It was a pretty big deal,” he says of the state’s actions.

“You go into a truck store and you can get something that you’re not entitled to.”

The next day, he found out the license wasn’t registered to him.

“This is a truck that I have no rights in,” he recalls.

“Why do they give me this license?”

But he’s also aware that many drivers don’t realize that the state isn’t obligated to protect them, either.

“The problem is it’s not illegal,” he explains.

“What is illegal is a lot of things, and that’s why it’s such a big problem.”

It’s the second time he’s been hit with a license plate-holder fee, after he had his license suspended last month for driving in the middle of a highway.

The $1.40 fee was part of an effort to make the state more transparent about the process, he says, and he was able to appeal the decision.

But he hopes to get the fee back next year.

The biggest hurdle he faces is the fact that it takes time for the state to process a claim.

He’s been waiting months to get his truck back, and his case is currently being heard by the State Highway Patrol.

“If you think of all the time and effort it takes to get your truck back from a state agency, it’s ridiculous,” he laughs.

“We’ve spent over $5,000 to get this truck back.”


What do we know about the new fox-proof cougar?

July 21, 2021 Comments Off on What do we know about the new fox-proof cougar? By admin

Retailers are in for a big surprise when they see a fox-resistant cougar at their local animal store.

Foxes are already being hunted and poached for their meat in China, and some people are even worried that the breed is getting on to the streets in Australia.

It all starts with a fox that lives in the remote town of Litchfield in the northern Kimberley region.

Litchfields foxes are not very good hunters, and if they don’t get caught, they can often escape.

But foxes can be very territorial.

If they’re not shot, they’ll often eat the carcass and drag it back to the bush where they can then attack other animals, which is a bad idea in some areas.

And as long as they’re outside, the cougar can still run into the bush and steal a carcass, which can be a real threat.

That’s where the cougars came from.

The foxes were originally bred by a local rancher who had spotted a fox in the bush.

The rancher called it the fox-felon, and it’s not unusual for people to have a few sightings of the fox before he finally captures it.

But the rancher didn’t know it was a fox, so when he tried to kill it, it was too late.

It’s been a very, very long time since the ranchers life was touched by a cougar, so he’s not sure why it was taken.

He had it taken by his son, who has since passed away.

The father said the fox was very gentle, and when he picked it up, it just stood there, smiling.

“I put it down and it was just happy and happy,” he said.

So the father kept feeding it, and the fox continued to come and go.

But eventually, it came back.

The family was able to keep the fox in their yard, and a few years ago, the family took the fox back to Litchford.

They kept the carcadge in the shed, and eventually the father noticed that the fox had grown more aggressive.

The animal started chasing and biting people and animals.

“They would jump over fences and stuff, but then when I got the fox on the ground and started kicking and hitting it, they started running away,” the father said.

“We just ran and ran and they just disappeared.”

When he looked through the shed windows, he saw the fox’s hind legs and a bit of the fur underneath, which made him think that he’d caught a coug of the species.

“It was so close to me and I was just so happy, it almost felt like I was in a movie,” he told 7.30.

The couple said that the coug was the first fox they had ever seen, and they were terrified of the animal.

“When we found the fox, it had taken a lot of damage and we couldn’t keep it for too long,” he added.

“The cougar just ran away.”

The couple has since taken the fox to a wildlife sanctuary in Litchfords country, but it is too early to tell if it’s going to survive.

“If we get another cougar in Lichfield, we’ll kill it,” the ranche said.

They said that they’ve been approached by people who’ve seen the fox and are worried about the cougo, but that they’re happy to take it back.

“People just come up to me all the time and say, ‘Are you sure that’s the fox?'” the father joked.

“So we’re taking the fox.

It’ll be good to keep this one around.”

A lot of foxes don’t know what to do with their own skins, so it’s likely that some cougar-resistant foxes will make their way into homes in the next few years.


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