Buyer Beware: The Best Buy Is Now Out Of Stock

Buyer Beware: The Best Buy Is Now Out Of Stock

October 1, 2021 Comments Off on Buyer Beware: The Best Buy Is Now Out Of Stock By admin

Seller beware.

The online retail giant is out of stock of more than a dozen brands of vintage, antique and vintage clothing and accessories.

Buyers are now advised to stop buying at the top of the list and go to the bottom.

That’s because the top seller of the month is out for good, the ad agency said.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the best-seller lists, but the best sellers are not as good as they used to be, said Mike Balsillie, senior director of brands for TheAdvantageGroup.

“It’s a real challenge to get a good, high-quality selection out there,” Balsillsi said.

He cited the decline of the popular vintage clothes, such as chiffon and silk, which were once the top sellers.

The list of the best selling items for March 2018 was published in, a trade publication.

The top five products, according to the ad, are: The Old Navy New York City dress , $8.95; Cadillac Chiffon Dress , $15.95 (buy now); The Gucci Vogue dress , Black , $14.95, (buy at top); Puma Trousers , Black, $22.95.

The next three were: Shelby Goods , $12.95 ; Cheshire , $17.95 and the next two were:

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