How to shop in Australia’s most popular supermarkets

How to shop in Australia’s most popular supermarkets

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New Zealand’s largest grocery chain has introduced a new loyalty scheme that will give shoppers a chance to earn cash back on items that they buy.

Key points:The loyalty scheme will work across select categories of groceries including dairy, meat, fish, milk and vegetablesNew Zealand grocery chains are already known for their generous discountsThe new system will offer shoppers the opportunity to earn points on all items including dairy products, meat and dairy productsNew Zealand Grocery and Food Chain Association CEO Ian Smith said shoppers would have to be eligible to earn the rewards.

“It’s really important that you can earn points to be able to purchase those items and it’s also important that the items you purchase are of a quality and fit that the customers want,” Mr Smith said.

“And this is really a good way of doing that.”

He said there were many people in New Zealand who could not get the cash back from a grocery store, but could earn it online.

“I think people will want to know that they’re not going to get a refund if they buy that product online, and that they can earn that cash back,” Mr Brown said.

He said the loyalty scheme was being rolled out in some select grocery chains in New South Wales and Victoria, which have already had success with the scheme.

“But it’s a pilot scheme, so it’s not a mandatory system,” Mr Harris said.

The scheme is one of many changes coming to New Zealand grocery stores, which are known for being a big supporter of retailers and their brands.

The Government has already rolled out a similar scheme in Western Australia, and has promised to extend the system to the rest of the country.

“The new loyalty system will work within a number of select categories including dairy and seafood,” Mr Jacobs said.

New Zealand’s grocery chain, Kmart, is also testing the system with a loyalty scheme in Victoria.

It is also considering adding a new offer of cash back to its loyalty scheme for consumers who use their Visa card or MasterCard, although this was not immediately clear.

“We’re also working with Kmart on a new range of promotions that will be introduced in the next couple of weeks,” Mr Cook said.

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