Man of Steel 2: The Big Battle is the ‘biggest movie of the year’

Man of Steel 2: The Big Battle is the ‘biggest movie of the year’

August 20, 2021 Comments Off on Man of Steel 2: The Big Battle is the ‘biggest movie of the year’ By admin

Man of the Rings: The Return of the King is the biggest movie of 2015, according to Box Office Mojo.

The film is a smash hit at the box office, and its box office receipts surpassed $1.8 billion.

But in the end, it’s not a huge hit at all. 

In fact, Man of Tomorrow was the only movie that made a dent in the box-office in 2015, grossing just $16.8 million in the U.S. and $1 million in Canada.

That’s about a third of the $5.6 million Man of Earth: The Animated Series brought in last year, while The LEGO Movie managed a solid $1,097,000. 

Of course, the most important box office draw for Man of Justice was Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which earned a whopping $941.7 million domestically and $3.8-billion worldwide. 

However, Man Of Steel was a critical hit, which helped propel the superhero franchise into a new era.

Man of Stone is a superhero movie that was a box office flop and didn’t do anything for the superhero genre, but it helped make Zack Snyder a household name and cemented him as a global superstar. 

With Man of Sword, the Batman series, Batman v.

Superman: DCEU, and Man of Wonder coming in 2017, Warner Bros. has an opportunity to build off that success.

It’s the kind of gamble that can only be made with a blockbuster.

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