Hair wholesale hair sellers face closure over ‘giant scam’

Hair wholesale hair sellers face closure over ‘giant scam’

June 18, 2021 Comments Off on Hair wholesale hair sellers face closure over ‘giant scam’ By admin

Hair wholesale clothing vendor The Hair Guy has said it has been hit with a massive fraud case, with the owner facing court action over “huge amounts of money”.

The business, which is based in Southport, has been the subject of multiple legal actions in the past year, with its owner facing a $1.5 million fine and a criminal charge in March last year.

A number of the cases have been dismissed and The Hair Guys business has been rebranded.

In the latest court action, the court was told that in February this year, The Hair Shop received a notice from Revenue Commissioners informing them that the business was unable to continue to operate due to an ongoing financial dispute with its former owner.

The owner of the business, known as The Hair King, has refused to provide any information in relation to the matter and has been arrested.

A spokesperson for Revenue Commissioners told RTE that the Revenue Commissioners office has been aware of The Hair Group’s alleged criminal activity for some time, but has not been made aware of any criminal prosecution being brought in relation.

The spokesperson said that they have contacted the business and will continue to investigate The Hairgroup’s financial situation.

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